Jennie's Junk

I have been accused of having too much junk so I created this site to talk about my junk, discuss my junk, express my opinion about junk.

My motto is “Junk has no boundaries”

I may talk about my projects, or blog about a special day. I might create a how to on something. There is no limit on what junk I may post on my site.

The one think I promise, is that I will not put advertising on here or ask you to sign up for a newsletter. I am not trying to become the next Martha you-know-who…

I may post my own designs here for sale that I have created for crafting project and yet I may not.

You read my blog at your own risk. You may agree with me or you may think that I am totally off the wall.

That’s my Junk!

Junk by Jennie