Tom & Jennie Day!

Today was a Tom & Jennie Day!

This does not happen too often…

We had planned to head to town today to look at new ice shanty’s and a new winter work coat for Tom. We then decided that we would go and cook dinner for his Pops as well and spend some time.

I was already in bed when he comes and says he has found a used one that was practically brand new a little north of us. We made plans then to drive up there in the morning to take a look! We left at 8:30 a.m. and headed up north for a 10: a.m. meet. He loved it and we bought it.

Tom & Jennie Day!

Now back to our original plans to head to town and traveling the backroads of Wisconsin…

Since I knew we were going to be close, I made him stop at my favorite little candy store that has THE BEST FUDGE! We get there and right across the street is a little flea market, indoor of course since it’s January. We are browsing around and instead of me finding something I absolutely do not need but want, we leave with a cedar trout board with hooks for his Stormy Kromer collection of hats, of which he has many. This is unusual but I am internally thrilled that he found something he liked! He never likes to go junking with me ever as he is so impatient.

We continue on our travels and then he says that there was an antique store coming up that I had probably never been to (I visit a lot of antique stores) and I see “Open” banners and I repeat, “It’s open, it’s open, it’s open…” and he finally stops. He says he has driven past that same antique store for about 30 years but has never stopped. We walk in and meet the owner who is quite the old timer and had a blast talking to him. He says they have been running this store for 46 years! We wander around and I find an antique scrapbook that has never been used and this cute little welcome sign that I will put out on our deck in the spring.

Finally, we get to town and run our errands and I managed to get him to stop at Hobby Lobby with me. He’s following me around the store and noticing all the other men following their wives around and says that if they installed a Cocktail Bar in the store that they would make a ton of money off of bored husbands. He’s probably right!

We picked up tenderloin steaks and went to Pops house and had a wonderful dinner! Almost 12 hours of running around today but I loved all the time we got to spend together.